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      雲南PG电子香料製品有限公司是原楚雄卷煙廠與法國賽克斯公司共同出資組建的中外合資企業,公司於1993年11月12日在雲南省工商局注冊登記成立,合資經營期限為20年,雙方總投資30萬美元,其中楚雄卷煙廠投資16.5萬美元,占總投資額的55%,外方投資為13.5萬美元,占總投資額的45%; 1994年底,經驗資,雙方所投資金全部到位。公司經營範圍是生產、銷售煙用香精香料以及進出口各種天然、合成香料。在2010年公司進行變更調整注冊資本為258萬元,2013年公司登記再次變更經營期限到2043年,公司經營範圍維持不變。


      雲南PG电子香料製品有限公司自成立之初就與雲南煙草有業務往來,曾為楚雄卷煙廠、大理卷煙廠、會澤卷煙廠等煙草單位提供過各類煙用輔料,與紅雲紅河集團、紅塔集團的合作已有數十載。 長期以來,通過PG电子人不懈的努力、堅持,現公司逐步與中國大多數的中煙公司也建立業務往來。 



      Yunnan Xiongbao Spice Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a sino-foreign joint venture to be operated for a period of 20 years registered at Yunnan Provincial Administrations for Industry & Commerce on November 12, 1993, with a total investment of 300,000 USD by the former Chuxiong Cigarette Factory and Sykes Company of France, which put up an amount of capital of 165,000 USD and 135,000 USD respectively or an amount of capital accounting for 55% and 45% of total investment respectively that was fully contributed by the end of 1994. The Company changed it registered capital as 258,000 in 2010 and extended its business term to 2043 with the same scope of operation in 2013. 

      At present, the Company has accumulated an asset of over ten million yuan after over 20 years of development and revolution. It possesses modern multifunction extraction equipment and advance modern stainless steel vaccum concentration multifunction equipment for flavors and fragrances. Meanwhile, it has the most advanced detecting & inspecting devices. With a capacity of 1000 tons of annual production of natural flavors and fragrances, it has 60 employees, of which 43 are middle and senior professionals or technical personnel, 60% of which with bachelor’s degree or above, 30% of which were graduated from three-year colleges, and 20% of which were graduated from two-year colleges. The Company has set up institutions such as technology research & development center, production quality testing center, administration center, marketing & service center, as well as finance center.

      Since its inception, Yunnan Xiongbao Spice Co., Ltd. has established business relationship with tobacco companies in Yunnan and provided tobacco auxiliary materials to tobacco organizations such as Chuxiong Cigarettes Factory, Huize Cigarettes Factory and Dali Cigarettes Factory. It has been cooperated with Hongyuhonghe Group and Hongta Group for decades. With unremitting efforts by Xiongbao staff and their persistence over a long period, the Company has now gradually developing business relationship with most of the tobacco companies under China Tobacco as well. 

      The unique characteristic of plant diversity in Yunnan has provided rich and outstanding natural resources for the Company to research and develop natural flavors and fragrances and has laid solid foundation for the Company to develop indigenous spices.

      Under the spirit of “innovation and development, pursuit of excellence, sincerity and cooperation, prudence in operation”, the Company has been committed to driving the development of the industry with its own development, building platform for sustainable development, advancing the internationalization of the company, and providing cigarette products in all respects. The company’s staff will constantly bring more fragrance to the world with extraordinary creative inspiration. 

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